This statement proposed the procedure to be followed by INNOVATORS FACADE SYSTEMS PVT LTD to execution the work at site


A team of experienced Senior Engineer / Staff will handle the project.

As per schedule & requirement, the project will be dealt in such a manner which will suit the manageable quantities of material for production delivery, storage and erection

During survey if any situation is found, which in our opinion, will prevent proper execution of curtain wall work or endanger it permanently, the same will be reported to the client and installation work will be stalled in that area until such conditions are corrected satisfactorily.


Items such as Site office, Electricity, Water, Storage, Scaffolding, Insurance etc.
may be discussed and agreed prior to the order being placed and accepted.

The building will be surveyed by us to know difference between construction drawing & site measurement to decide the scope of work & same will be discussed before commencement of fabrication


The job will be dealt with, in agreed phases and periods.

After receiving the final approval of working drawing with size, fabrication will Commence.
Fixing periods are based upon unimpeded and continuous access to work.

All information is given in good faith and is based on information available on date.


Receive and review of tender document,
Systems design,
Structural calculation,
Design proposal,
Get it approved by Architect
Preparation of Shop drawing
Get it approved by Architect
To raise bulk M T O
Preparation of technical drawing
Balance M T O etc,


All the materials will be fabricated in our own works, under the supervision of skilled, experienced and technically competent Managers, phased to suit the agreed program, and delivered at site. Materials are packed such that damage in transit and on site is avoided. All material will be marked so that their contents and location can be identified at site.

Glazed panels will be identified as to the content and location on site.

Certain specialist items will be purchased from the supplier, and usually delivered at site.

Taping / Lacquer coating to the exposed aluminum surfaces is included in the rates.


Once a project is entrusted to us, we study, evaluate and form a task force to depute to that site. The Engineer – In – Charge walks in with a team of competent and experienced engineers to ensure smooth progress of the project. Bar chart is chalked out and is followed rigorously. Progress of each work is monitored daily at Director’s level. Following systems are adopted for efficient monitoring of progress and effective execution:
Bar chart,
Daily progress report,
Highlight major issues,
Fortnight material requirement
Whenever necessary, make an arrangement for on site computer access,


We will require a secure, safe, storage area of size 25ft x 40ft I,e 1000 sqft situated preferably adjacent to and not more than 20 Mt. from the point where, we will be required to fix our materials.

We will arrange for safe storage in the designated area. Fabricated materials will be off-loaded and stored, so as to avoid damage. The storage area must be able to withstand the loads of the packed materials.


Work generally will be dealt in sections or elevations as per the agreed program.

We will require datum levels and grid lines to be established prominently marked on the floor and structure at each side of the structural glazing.


We employ drawing office, production and inspection department and all their functions are integrated, to ensure that our finished work, is fully compatible, with the agreed design standard.

Full liaison, is maintained with our fixing management and site operators, to ensure that the required design and performance standards, are maintained at site.

Necessary quality assurance manual will be prepared for the project.


All Aluminium components will be protected by low Tac masking tape or soluble lacquer during the execution of the work.

We strongly recommend a site procedure on good house keeping to avoid damage to our work, particularly where parts may be incomplete by agreement to facilitate site access points, scaffold tie backs etc. and to ensure, that any material falling onto our work, particularly wet cement or plaster, is immediately removed to avoid damage to finished surfaces whether or not these materials are covered by our protection. Wet debris must be removed before hardening and scrapers or adhesive cleaners not used.

The protection provided to sections is not proof against mechanical damage particularly damage caused by other agencies working at site and when this entails attaching materials to our work.

We cannot accept liability for loss or damage to work arising out of hostilities, rebellion, loss or damage directly due to the use or occupation by the client, due to design deficiency of other works other than one provided by us and Loss / Damage due to other agencies working at site.


We are fully committed to provide a safe working environment to our staff and at work sites. Implementation of safety measures are kept under close watch at every stage.
In addition, an environment is created which is conducive to exchange ideas and suggestions regarding productivity, quality and safety related issues. In short our endeavor is to obtain a zero accident rate.


Each section of the work will be handed over to the client as & when it is completed, inspected and accepted.

In the event that cleaning is required at some later stage in the contract, where the same is not identified and included in our price, then scaffolding or safe and suitable access must be provided for us free of charge, unless it is clear from our quotation, that the provision of such access is our responsibility.


Our tender does not include any allowance for any client’s spares after contract completion.


The Performance Guarantee of materials such as silicon will be as issued as per their norms by respective manufacturer to fulfill desired quality standard. The Guarantees will be in the form of back to back from the manufacturers of various components.


A Primary guarantee: The curtain walling system and its installation against faults and omission design, materials, workmanship and functional performance including water tightness and air tightness of the various elements and components for the period of ten years from completion.

A Supplementary guarantee: All joint seals and bondings shall be warranted by sealant manufacturer.


In short we want to deliver the project on time and without over running the cost. We never compromise with quality of material and finishes. Customers, Clients Consultants, Architects commands highest respect in our organization. Execution is carried out to the utmost satisfaction of the client.